Is biltong healthy?

Creating Biltong is a labour of love, a slow process for the ultimate natural flavouring and seasoning infusion. Biltong is the sourdough of the meat

What is Beef Biltong

Where does beef biltong originate? Beef Biltong has been around for centuries and has its origins traced back to South African countries like Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

Biltong and Parmesan Burger

Recipe By: Hannah Lewry Serves: 2 Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes   INGREDIENTS 30 g Biltong Chief Beef Biltong 30

Biltong and Avocado Salad

Try this simple and delicious Biltong & Avocado salad. It i a great way to eat healthy and get your protein in. Ingredients: 250 g

Biltong chilli bites presented in a bowl

Health benefits of biltong

5 health benefits of biltong A great piece by the team at Bull & Cleaver who originally posted the below. Edits of the original content