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Is biltong healthy?

Creating Biltong is a labour of love, a slow process for the ultimate natural flavouring and seasoning infusion. Biltong is the sourdough of the meat snack world. A long process filled with care and consideration for the process to curate the final foodie result, and that’s how Biltong Chief was born. We will also look at the magic question, is biltong healthy.

Biltong Chief’s Dylan started out making Biltong as a homage to both his South African roots and the benefits Biltong brought to him during his professional rugby career as a supercharged high protein snack, perfect for on the go or between training sessions.

All the Biltong from Biltong Chief is cured from grass-fed, Irish beef sourced from Troy’s Farms in Westmeath. Using the traditional South African biltong methods of curing and hanging to retain the flavours of the beef, Biltong Chiefs have created a delicious snack that’s protein packed and tasty.

Now to the big question, is biltong healthy?

Of course, it is! How could a zero-prep, low-sugar, high-protein snack not be? The nutrition profile of a one-ounce serving of beef biltong 80 calories, 1 gram carbs, 16 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 35% iron and 19% sodium (it may vary depending on the ingredients). Some of the key health benefits of biltong are:


  • The fat content in biltong averages around 3% and makes it a perfect snack for those who are dieting.
  • Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, it satisfies all your nutrient needs for the body.
  • As an essential for cell replication, this snack also contains Vitamin B12.
  • For those who are high-conscious about gluten-free products, good news! Biltong is naturally gluten-free.

BREAKING NEWS! For your body to stay in good health, it needs protein. Your body is going through a wide range of metabolic interaction every minute, and that requires proteins. Besides that, protein is a key provider of energy and carries oxygen in your blood that’s essential for your body. As a crucial content, protein also promotes healthy cells that can make antibodies to illnesses. When it comes to the health benefits of protein-rich snack consumption, we could go on and on. From hormone regulation to helping build new muscle tissues, proteins are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Biltong is a great option for gym snacking if you’re a gym fan due to its high protein, which converts into amino acids that contribute to muscle growth. Biltong has three times fewer calories than a packet of crisps, and one serving will give you 20% of your protein requirement. The benefits of protein are well noted and include; muscle strength, appetite regulation, lower blood pressure, and a boost of metabolism.

Biltong is cut only after the drying process, unlike other cured meats. Biltong meat is cut as close to consumption as possible, retaining the living enzymes of the meat until the moment you eat it. Living enzymes are known for helping with your digestion and regulating your stomach levels, as well as turning nutrients into substances, protein can absorb into your body for further health benefits.

Fancy giving Biltong a try? Looking to power up your protein or snack guilt-free? Then look no further. Biltong Chief’s, air dried, sliced beef traditional biltong, will show you what the fuss is about. A snack unlike any other. Soft and quick and easy to eat. A taste of South Africa, made in Ireland.